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We offer highest quality CBD and THC dry flower grown using the latest traceability systems coupled with highly robust protocols and policies under the GACP and GMP practices.

Pharmin currently is in possession of the following certificates: GACP from Control Union, CUMCS equivalent of IMC GAP, GMP from the Ministry of Public Health

Pharmin has developed its own technology-oriented and data-driven approach in genetic selection process to produce whole spectrum flower varieties with diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Our customers can take advantage of our experience in cultivation, extraction and manufacturing to focus on their own brand, marketing and distribution channels.

Strains, formulations and product specifications are developed with the client and delivered with the highest attention to detail and quality.

Vertical integration

Our Product Processing Areas (Drying, Trimming and Packing) have been designed and built to EU-GMP standards using the highest quality materials combined with best certified HVAC equipment.

The extraction of the plant is handled in our licensed EU GMP facility using ultra-low ethanol extraction which is then processed, packaged and labelled for worldwide shipping.

With our own analytical and formulation laboratories we conduct our own R&D and collaborate with our clients to offer customized, strain specific and formulated products.


Our products can be delivered in bulk to integrate into existing supply chains or allow for repackaging and other wholesale needs.


For those wishing to expand their current line or test new products, our white-label formulations are high-quality, consistently produced and readily available. Apply your branding and packaging solutions and take your business to the next level.


If you want to develop your own exclusive branded products, we will collaborate and develop the product to your specifications from seed to sale.

We will cultivate your genetics in a separate room in our greenhouse, extract and formulate your product to be branded and packaged ready for shipment.

Our quality assurance standards allow for regular data collection and progress reports throughout the production cycle so you are always involved.