We are a vertically integrated global supplier of white-label and bulk cannabis products for the medical, pharma, wellness and food industries.
Our mission contributes to our client’s success directly by providing reliable B2B cannabis products with flexible business conditions in a tax-free location.
We focus on the production needs, while you focus on growing your business.
What we do

What we do

We offer customized formulation and white-label production in a vertically integrated model.

Pharmin is a strategic partner providing total supply chain solutions for a profitable cannabis business.

Take advantage of our experience in cultivation & manufacturing to focus on your brand, marketing and distribution channels.

Strains, formulations and product specifications are developed with the client and delivered with the highest attention to detail and quality.

Reliability is our commitment


Excellence is a priority - Top technologies and operational processes guarantee superior farming, extraction, and production of premium CBD and THC products. Our facilities comply with GMP & GACP requirements and the strict regulations of the Uruguayan government.

Traceability is our imperative - Our customers have access to the whole process, from cultivation to the end product. The quality assurance team is detailed-oriented and utilizes proper infrastructure platforms to guarantee production excellence.

Safety is our responsibility - We control every step in our process to ensure that our products are safe, using third party laboratories to verify that we exceed with regulatory standards.

Customization is our business - Working in collaboration with our clients to co-create exclusive strains, products and services, we make cannabis supply an easy and seamless experience at the best value.

Consistency is our trademark - Counting on a reliable supplier is fundamental for your business. We ensure a consistent supply of pure and stable products, that can be used in a wide range of applications, processes and manufacturing conditions.

Reliability is our commitment


In addition to THC/CBD processing, our facility is capable of extracting and purifying other novel cannabinoids and terpenes based on client’s needs.


We develop and produce unique products for you to scale your business up quickly.

We offer bulk and white-labeled THC products as well as specific strain and product formulations developed exclusively for you.

THC bulk products:
  • THC biomass
  • Distillate oils
THC final products:
  • Distillate THC oil
  • Diluted THC oil
  • Tinctures
  • Dry flowers

CBD has a variety of applications in numerous products and is gaining popularity world-wide. With our cultivation and processing of high-CBD strains into products, growing your sales-line is easier than ever before.

We offer a broad variety of bulk and white-labeled CBD products customized to your business needs.

CBD bulk products:
  • CBD biomass
  • Distillate oils
CBD final products:
  • Tinctures
  • Cartridges
  • Soft Gel caps
  • Dry flowers


Our facilities are established in Uruguay, the first country to legalize the value chain of cannabis business and consumption. The greenhouse and processing areas are located in Zonamerica, a Uruguayan Free Trade Zone, which provides great competitive advantages such as tax benefits, access to top notch technologies and multiple global service platforms.


Our 2,3 Ha GACP compliant hydroponic greenhouse is climate and humidity-controlled and protects the plants from pesticides, chemicals and other outdoor contaminants.

With 6 main cultivation zones separated by strains, our greenhouses are capable of delivering upwards of 1000Kgs material every week.

For cloning, we choose only the best mother plants and analyze each harvest before preparing and shipping to the processing facility.


Our GMP processing facility is located in the same free trade zone as our greenhouse, maximizing security and efficiency. Our extraction process uses ultra-low temperature ethanol on state-of-the-art technologies in a clean and safe environment.

We guarantee consistent quality through our stringent quality control processes in our analytical laboratory. Through ongoing trainings and internal audits our highly qualified staff are adept at obtaining the most value out of our technology.


Planned for concept-to-completion in under one year, our team of professionals drives the program forward with the help of the industry’s best consultants in GMP certification, construction and product formulation.

Ready to develop customized strains for the clients
Fully operational greenhouse and processing facilities
GMP certified and ready to produce white labeled products